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Wuxi Wanbo Fluorocarbon Resin Co. Ltd. is the sub-company of Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co. Ltd.. It is founded in Aug., 2004 and is engaged specially in the development, manufacture and sales of fluorocarbon resins. These products include the fluorocarbon resins system cure at normal temperature and middle temperature, the resins system used in spray aluminum extrusions, and resins system used in coil coatings.
  It is well known that the characteristics of fluorocarbon coatings are excellent weathering and durability. With the development of society and economy, improvement of living level of people and the buildup of environment protection consciousness, people present much higher requirement about coating and paint technology. The excellent performances of fluoro-resin coatings have been showed appreciation for more and more and the application of fluorocarbon coatings has been enlarged continuously. In our country, the great progress has been achieved never possessed before in the recent years. And just the farther extended market application and the growing up of the market provided the good chance to develop fluorocarbon resins for  Wuxi Wanbo Fluorocarbon Resin Co. Ltd.. A lot of special talents represented by the expert who has been engaged in fluoro-resin chemical research for nearly 30 years have been introduced in. The invest degree in R & D has been enlarged. From the beginning of foundation of the company to now, the fluorocarbon resins which used in curing at normal and middle temperature, coil coatings and spray aluminum extrusions have been developed. These products were used by many customers and were considered them have excellent performances and belong to the third-generation FEVE fluorocarbon resins.
  Wuxi Wanbo Fluorocarbon Resin Co. Ltd. takes the fluorocarbon resins as principle products, dedicate to meet the requirements o customers, help the customers reduce the development period and make fluorocarbon coating products enter the market much faster. Our company also exploited a serious of mated resin products which include acrylic resins and special epoxy modified polyester resins used for primers and organized science researchers to be engaged in the work of formulating coatings and performance testing. And this combine the material resins of coatings with coatings organically and consummated before-sales and after-sales service system.


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