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Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, affiliated with the Fluorine Society of Paint and Coating Institute of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC). It is a comprehensive chemical enterprise that is engaged in science and research, production, sale and service. Besides, it has been listed as one of Wuxi’s top 100 chemical enterprises.
  The company has strong ability of research and development and has established two science and research centers at the state level: Wanbo technical and developing center of fluorine carbon coatings, which is affiliated with Chinese association of organic coatings industry of fluorine carbon and research and development center of coil coatings. The company developed the fluorine carbon coil coating in 2007, which has got the national certification and “High-tech Product Certification” issued by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. 
  The company has been sticking to its commitment to the society: serving the society, benefiting the society and being a green chemical enterprise. It has obtained the certification of and has been applying the “ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System”, “ISO 14000 Environment Management System” and “GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System”. Furthermore, the company has established and perfected scientific managing system and integrated production monitoring systems.
  The company is composed of Wuxi Yali Painting Co., Ltd and Zhongshan Yali Painting Co., Ltd, with the annual productive capacity of 20000 ton of coil coatings. Different departments in the company provide professional service to the clients: colophony department, consultation center of the products and product quality test center.
  The company produces series of coil coatings, including polyester coil coating, fluorine carbon coating, acrylic acid coil coating, coil coatings with high weatherability and silicon-modified coil coating. These products are widely used on steel coil, aluminum coil, steel sheet for household appliances, soft air tube and aluminum for window blinds. They have reached the top national level, especially in the physics and mechanical performances and duration of the coatings. 
  The company advocates the ideology of “existence through improvement of quality and development through improvement of services” in order to provide considerate service to every client. Products of the company have found a foothold in Yangtse Delta and Zhujiang Delta region and are also exported to countries in the Southeast Asia. The sales volume is increased constantly and the company has got more and more orders. It is confirmed by the quality controlling departments through spot test that their quality is quite stable and has met the criteria, and therefore has been evaluated as one of “Wuxi’s brand-name products”.
We expect your sincere cooperation and our mutual development.


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